Tropical Teleportation Should Be Next

source: laurensmith700’s Flickr photostream

It figures that the coldest, darkest time of year (for we New Englanders, at least) is when we’ve decided to publish a slew of new Explorer’s Guides to some of the most gorgeously warm, coastlined, be-palm-treed places on Earth—and all within a time zone or two!

Granted, some would rather be climbing latitudes and elevations, up and down black diamond runs in Utah (and we’ve got you covered if you are). And that’s fine. Knock yourself out. (Not literally.)

As for the rest of us, daydreaming closer to the equator…

No need spinning a globe (do people still have globes?) and blindly placing your finger in the middle of the Pacific…or committing yourself to Yakutsk, Siberia, only the coldest city on the globe. We’ve mapped out your options (see below).

We are your source to some of the best of most-exotic Central America.

Seriously, consider the luscious coves and unspoiled rain forests, the volcanoes and radiant wildlife, the sultry cultures and rich histories on the virtually endless Latin isthmus. We’re proud to have just published the most up-to-date guides anywhere on Panama, Belize, Southwest Nicaragua (including Granada and San Juan del Sur), El Salvador, and Acapulco.

This here handy Google map is yours. And if you go to any of these paradises, add your photos to the map! We’d love to share in your travels, and actually welcome you rubbing our frost-bitten faces in it.



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