“Pie Mama” Kate McDermott on QVC

In the words of Kate McDermott: “I just keep ‘rolling’ along!”

Kate McDermott, self-proclaimed “piechiatrist” and instructor of the beloved “Art of the Pie” baking classes was recently featured on QVC, where she sold her forthcoming cookbook, The Art of the Pie. We at The Countryman Press can’t get enough of her infectiously sweet personality, and QVC host David couldn’t wait to dig into all of the delicious pies she prepared for the show: her famous “quintessential” apple pie, peach pie, and strawberry hand pies, among others.

Wanna know her secret to making the perfect peach pie? Just add a splash of orange liquor or a touch of orange zest. Who would’ve thought! Kate shares a handful of great pie tips and tricks that will help any baker in the kitchen.

art of the pie .jpg

Be sure to check out her fun QVC interview here:


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