5 Books That Help You Make the Most of Your Happy Hour

After a long day at work, do you enjoy going out for drinks with friends but hate the time and money you end up wasting at the bar? Even with “happy hour” prices, cocktails can still be pretty expensive. And who has the time or patience to wait around for drinks in a crowded bar, anyway? Make your happy hours “happy” again with one of The Countryman Press’s fun book of cocktails and spend your time off at home instead.

Best of all, the recipes in these books are simple to make and never call for unheard-of ingredients. Some drinks only require three! I think we can all raise our glasses to that.

1. Zen and Tonic by Jules Aron

zen and tonic.jpeg

Even the name of this book sounds inviting! Jules Aron seamlessly combines the two things you probably need most in life right now: relaxation and a nice cold drink. Nama-stay thirsty, my friends!

2. Whiskey by Michael Dietsch


If whiskey is your go-to liquor, then it might be time to pick up Dietsch’s new book. You’re not gonna be able to put down this book or the fantastic drinks you learn how to make!

3. Cocktails for Drinkers by Jennifer McCartney

cocktails for drinkers .jpeg

As promised, here’s a book that includes three-ingredient recipes for when you’re feeling like a real hipster. Trust McCartney: making a cocktail can be just as badass as pouring out a fifth of scotch.

4. Shrubs by Michael Dietsch

shrubs .jpeg

The drinks in this book might be a little old-fashioned but are so easy to make. Did you know that a simple shrub is made from just fruit, sugar, and vinegar? Simple and delicious.

5. Tiki Drinks by Nicole Weston and Robert Sharp

tiki drinks .jpeg

In the spirit of summer, I had to add Weston and Sharp’s book of sweet tropical cocktails. These recipes are perfect for when you’re all out of vacation days but looking for a little escape on a Saturday night.

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