How Well Do You Know Your Wine?

Everyone has a favorite wine. Whether it be Cabernet Sauvignon because you prefer a rich, herbal wine or Merlot for its fruity, soft taste, you know what you like. But did you ever know why your favorite wine tastes the way that it does?

New from Alice Feiring, wine expert and columnist, comes The Dirty Guide to Wine (June 2017); a guidebook detailing the different types of soils that vineyards are grown on and how the soil impacts the wine. Recent research has pointed to soil as a key factor in its flavor. According to Bloomberg, “vine roots sink deep into the earth that (supposedly) gives a wine its true character and quality”. Who knew?

Feiring’s book is designed to keep readers entertained throughout the guide while also helping them figure out which wine is best for them based on soil, region, and, of course, grapes.

Pick up Feiring’s book, grab a glass of wine (or two), and figure out which soil is right for you. It is currently available for pre-order on and


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