February’s Hottest Title: Sweet & Simple

We all know and love Christina Lane as the queen of “for two” cookbooks. Her recipes are easy, mouth-watering, and they’re the perfect serving, so you can be sure that you really won’t eat the entire pan of brownies this time.! From Gooey Butter Cake Cookies to Salted Butterscotch Tart, Lane’s cookbook has a dessert for everyone. The book has already been reviewed and talked about all of the place, from  The Feast, ChowHound, Claire Magazine, and The Nosher. In addition to that, Sweet & Simple is on The Boss Magazine’s Valentine’s Day gift guide and The Columbus Dispatch’s Valentine’s Day dessert slideshow! Even CakeSpy chose it as their book of the week. We told you Lane’s desserts are perfect for everyone.


As The Feast states,”You can’t just bake a dozen, eat one and throw the rest away, and it’s not realistic to rid all sweets from your life”, and that’s exactly why Sweet & Simple is the perfect cookbook for any and all sweets lovers. Pick up your copy today!


Barnes & Nobles

W.W. Norton

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