New Title: Storied Bars of New York: The Best Way to Have an After Work Drink


The cliché bookworm is believed to be boring. But, Delia Cabe’s new book, Storied Bars of New York, puts that assumption to bed with a list of bars that are anything but boring. A guide to help the bookworm navigate New York’s social scene with bars that frequented the likes of E.E. Cummings and Richard Wright, Storied Bars of New York is the perfect guide to enjoying a relaxing drink after work, accompanied by literary readings and colleagues.

Below are some featured bars nearby with their signature cocktail:

Flatiron District/ Gramercy Park

Pete’s Tavern

Home to the sacred O. Henry booth, where a plaque sits claiming to be the birthplace of “The Gift of the Magi”, Pete’s Tavern on 129 E 18th Street offers O. Henry memorabilia and the atmosphere of the artist. Despite its dark atmosphere, Pete’s signature cocktail is the bright and fruity frozen strawberry daiquiri!

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Made with fresh strawberries, Pete’s signature daiquiri is a fruity refresher for a long day at work. Enjoyed by the one and only Johnny Depp and Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Pete’s frozen daiquiri proves to be a drink enjoyed by all.

Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room

Home of the monthly #YeahYouWrite reading series, Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room on 6 W. 24th Street is a New York bar with a New Orleans feel. The menu riddled with Nola necessities, Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room’s crispy alligator and famous serpent’s nectar make for a downhome duo.

Serpent’s Nectar

Served in a coupe glass and topped with a basil leaf and pepper, Serpent’s Nectar is the after work poison you need.

Midtown Manhattan

The Algonquin/ Blue Bar

A frequent hangout spot for Norton employees and writers alike, the Algonquin’s Blue Room on 59 W. 44th Street takes blue to a whole new level. Drenched in beautiful blue light, the Blue Bar illuminates all inside, from the mind of the writer to the cocktail of the socialite.

The Dorothy Parker

Host of the Dorothy Parker Society, the Blue Bar is deep-rooted in literary happenings, making it only right that their signature cocktail be named after the legend herself, Dorothy Parker. Just like her book, The Portable Dorothy Parker, the Dorothy Parker cocktail, made with honey to state, keeps Dottie alive in the grasps of Blue Room patrons.

The Monkey Bar

Lined with Ed Sorel’s mural commemorating 60 jazz icons, The Monkey Bar’s stylishly jazzy feel has been the place to be for decades. Swank and luxurious, The Monkey Bar frequented by Tennessee Williams, is a slice of the Jazz Age brought to modern-day.

Monkey Gland

Humorously named after some shady medical practices in the 1920s, the Monkey Gland has some character. Despite its bitter history, The Monkey Gland is sweet and delicious.

 Upper East Side

The Writing Room

Outlined with deep brown wooden bookshelves and pictures of famous authors, The Writing Room is a self-dedicated space for all things literature. A new space on 2nd Avenue, The Writing Room pays homage to Elaine’s the bar’s former self has everything a writer needs, from drinks to a study.

Smith & Corona

Named after the famous typewriter utilized by writers even today, the Smith & Corona lightweight and served in a short glass, reminiscent of the glass keys of the Smith-Corona typewriter. With this signature cocktail, you can fight writer’s block in the room made for writers!

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